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Whats Included

Discover a new world of pro-audio plug-ins with the exclusive Gobbler x SoundCloud Bundle featuring plug-ins designed to highlight the developers in the Gobbler Marketplace. This bundle is 100% free of charge for 12 months, giving you enough time to discover which plug-ins work in your creative process.


SSL continues to take their innovative spirit into the future with some GREAT new plug-ins that push the classic sounds further and then add some new toys that are custom built for guys like me who want NEW ideas for how we work in 2019 and forward.


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I have the LX480. It has those rich, beautiful, reverbs filled with the kind of depth I remember loving … I pull it up on a vocal and I just smile. The LX480 all in one amazing plugin and at a truly attainable price. Thanks Relab!


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About Gobbler

Gobbler Is The Leading Subscription Marketplace For Pro-Audio Plug-ins. The Gobbler Marketplace offers bundles from over 10 different manufacturers with easy to afford monthly or annual pricing. Gobbler offers Student Bundles available to anyone with an educational email address as well with even greater discounts. Join the plug-in revolution at Gobbler.com!

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Analoge Synth Emulations

Experience the full and rich sounds of classic analog synths brought to live by XILS Lab. Emulations of the legendary PolyMoog and the extremely rare RSF Kobol are included in the Gobbler x SoundCloud Bundle. XILS Lab was founded by Xavier Oudin, who has developed some of the best-known virtual instruments and effects on the market today. The synths in the Gobbler x SoundCloud Bundle are some of the best sounding virtual instruments available in the world!

Legendary Effect Processors

The Gobbler x SoundCloud Bundle delivers some of the best sounding effects with roots in hardware units that have shaped modern music. Between Relab’s LX480 Essentials and Eventide’s Instant Phaser and MicroPitch, you have a collection of legendary hardware effects that have been captured in DSP form for easy use in the DAW. These effects have been used in recording studios around the world in some of the biggest records in music history. With the Gobbler x SoundCloud Bundle, you can get the same sound as the biggest studios in the world!

Advanced DSP Designs

The plug-in developers in the Gobbler Marketplace have the best experience in the pro-audio industry for making amazing sounding software and all bring different design philosophies to the table with plug-ins in the Gobbler x SoundCloud Bundle. Developers like Solid State Logic and SoundRadix put a focus on tonal control but with two distinct ways of interacting with the audio from console style recording to frequency tracking visual EQs. High end recording plug-ins from developers like Relab and Eventide provide the utilities to fine tune your mix and master for achieving a professional sounding record.

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More Plug-Ins coming soon from

 NUGEN Audio, Softube,  SynchroArts, & Zynaptic

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Plug-ins from industry's best developers


XILS - PolyM

Eventide - MicroPitch

Eventide - Instant Phaser

Relab - LX480 Essentials

SSL - Drumstrip

More Plug-Ins coming soon from

 NUGEN Audio, Softube,  SynchroArts, & Zynaptic

Audified - MultiDrive Pedal Pro

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